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NB. the contents of this module are only available on Windows.

Installing Win32 console handlers.



data Handler Source


Catch (ConsoleEvent -> IO ()) 

installHandler :: Handler -> IO HandlerSource

Allows Windows console events to be caught and handled. To handle a console event, call installHandler passing the appropriate Handler value. When the event is received, if the Handler value is Catch f, then a new thread will be spawned by the system to execute f e, where e is the ConsoleEvent that was received.

Note that console events can only be received by an application running in a Windows console. Certain environments that look like consoles do not support console events, these include:

  • Cygwin shells with CYGWIN=tty set (if you don't set CYGWIN=tty, then a Cygwin shell behaves like a Windows console). * Cygwin xterm and rxvt windows * MSYS rxvt windows

In order for your application to receive console events, avoid running it in one of these environments.