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(Tupil is no longer available for Haskell consultancy)
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== Europe ==
== Europe ==
; Tupil
: Chris Eidhof & Eelco Lempsink
: Utrecht, The Netherlands
; Well-Typed LLP
; Well-Typed LLP
: The Haskell Consultants
: The Haskell Consultants

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1 Europe

Well-Typed LLP
The Haskell Consultants
Duncan Coutts, Ian Lynagh and Andres Löh
[email protected]
UK and Germany

2 North-America

AppSolutions LLC
Anton van Straaten
New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC
Brett Letner
Lawrence, KS, USA
Chris Forno
San Francisco
Conal Elliott
San Andreas, CA, USA
OM Consulting Limited [email protected]  
Intelligent solutions.
Simon Michael
Los Angeles