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The '''Dutch Haskell Users' Group''' meet monthly in an informal setting. The group was born on 19 April 2009 at [[Hac5]].
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Since the Haskell programmers in the Netherlands are multilingual, the language used is usually English.
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Anyone is welcome to join, from beginners to advanced users.
For up-to-date information, please see the [ Dutch Haskell User Group] website.
''Do join us!''
== Mailing list ==
A mailing list '''[ dutch-hug]''' is available at Google Groups. On the list, we discuss dates and times for new meetings and other Dutch HUG related affairs.
== Meetings ==
[[Image:DHUG2.jpg|right|256px|thumb|The first meeting May 6th 2009]]
==== Upcoming ====
The next meeting will be on '''Friday, September 11th''' at '''19:00'''. The location isn't [ finalized yet], but we will probably meet in the [ Booth Hall] of the Utrecht University Library. There's [ free car parking] at the library, and it's easily accessible by [ bike and bus].
For the first time ever there will be talks! Please [ register] yourself as an attendee if you plan to attend.
==== Previous ====
The fourth meeting was in again Utrecht, on '''Thursday, August 13th'''.
The third meeting was on '''Wednesday, July 8th'''. We [ met over drinks] in Utrecht and chatted about Haskell.
The second meeting was on '''Tuesday, June 9th''' at the top floor of the [ library in Amsterdam]. We had interesting conversations, and more than one laptop was pulled out of its bag to show off some Haskell code!
The first meeting was in Utrecht on '''Tuesday, May 6th 2009'''. We met over drinks at the [ Stairway to Heaven].
==== Schedule ====
For the currently scheduled meetings, see the [ Google calendar] or subscribe to the [ iCal version].
Note that this schedule is preliminary, please follow the [ mailing list] for up to date information.

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For up-to-date information, please see the Dutch Haskell User Group website.