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Name Number E-mail IRC Days Attending
Thomas DuBuisson [email protected] TomMD ALL
David Lazar (\x -> [email protected]) lazar6 davidL ALL
Dan Colish [email protected] dcolish Saturday
Jason Dagit lispy Fri-Sat(?)
Matthew Sorensen intercalate "l" ["infa","","ib","eone@gmai",".com"] Fri-Sat
Clint Moore [email protected] hydo All
Lee Short blackcat (a t ) Fri(?)-Sat-Sun
Michael Steele [email protected] plus one ALL
Andrew Farmer (\ x -> x ++ "") "anfarmer" afarmer ALL
Nathan Collins [email protected] ntc2 ALL?
Jamey Sharp [email protected] ALL?
Josh Triplett [email protected] Fri
Michael Sloan [email protected] mgsloan Sat-Sun
Ki Yung Ahn [email protected] kyagrd Fri,Sat, and Sun afternoon