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Name Number E-mail IRC Days Attending
Thomas DuBuisson 410-948-6700 [email protected] TomMD 365 Days a year!
John Melesky - - jmelesky Fri, Sat, Sun
Clint Moore 253-693-8534 [email protected] hydo Fri,Sat,Sun
David Leimbach - - Leimy Either [] [Sat, Sun]
Echo Nolan - [email protected] enolan Fri, Sat, Sun
Tim Chevalier - [email protected] Binkley Fri, Sat, Sun
Don Stewart [email protected] dons Fri, Sat, Sun
Jonathan Daugherty [email protected] cygnus Fri, Sat, Sun
Kirk Peterson necrobious Fri, Sat, Maybe Sun
Michael Steele [email protected] msteele Fri, Sat, Sun
Daryoush Mehrtash Fri, Sat, Sun
Cooper Francis coopf Fri, Sat, Maybe Sun
Julian Blake Kongslie Sun
Creighton You said you'd be there, right?