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= Registration =
Please fill out [ this page] to register. Don't forget to [[Hac φ/Attendees|list yourself]] as an attendee!
(Registration for the main event is now closed. For registration to the Berlin
satellite event, see bottom of this section.)
Registration is via email to Daniel Wagner at
[email protected]
with the subject
Hac phi registration
and body containing the following information:
#haskell nick: (if applicable)
Food restrictions:
Days attending:
This year, we are making a public list of attendees' names and nicks; please include the word "private" after your information if you would like to opt out of the public list. Here is an example:
Name: Daniel Wagner
Nick: dmwit
Email: [email protected]
Food restrictions: none
Days attending: September 2008-August 2017
Institution: Lambdas Ltd.
Note: We need an "institution" for each attendee in order to get wireless access codes. Feel free to make it up if necessary.
Once you're registered, you should also subscribe to the [ Hac φ mailing list]. We will send out useful information to all of the attendees on that list. You can also add your name to [[Hac φ/Attendees|the attendees page]].
=== registration for berlin ===
If you want to attend in Berlin, write an e-mail to Matthias Fischmann at
[email protected]
following the above procedure. (Number of participants may be limited. Please wait for confirmation of your registration before you make any travel arrangements!)

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Please fill out this page to register. Don't forget to list yourself as an attendee!