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*[ The Tenth Haskell Workshop], September 2006, Portland, Oregon, USA.
*[ The Tenth Haskell Workshop], September 2006, Portland, Oregon, USA.
* [[Research_papers/Authors|People]]
See also the Haskell [[Research_papers/Authors|authors page]].
*<b>B:</b>[ Richard Bird], Oxford University, [ Per Bjesse], Chalmers University of Technology, [ Urban Boquist], Chalmers University of Technology, [ Alex Bunkenburg], University of Glasgow, [ Warren Burton], Simon Fraser University,
*<b>C:</b>[ Magnus Carlsson], OGI,[ Manuel M. T. Chakravarty], University of New South Wales,[ Olaf Chitil], University of Kent,[ Koen Claessen], Chalmers University of Technology, [ Graham Collins], University of Glasgow, [ Charles Consel], IRISA,
*<b>D:</b>[ Kei Davis], Los Alamos National Laboratory,
*<b>E:</b>[ Conal Elliott], [ Martin Erwig], Oregon State University,
*<b>F:</b>Joseph Fasel, Los Alamos National Laboratory, [ Karl-Filip Fax&eacute;n], The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. [ Alex Ferguson], University College Cork, [ Sigbj&oslash;rn Finne], University of Glasgow,
*<b>G:</b> [ Jeremy Gibbons], Oxford University, [ Andy Gill], Galois, [ Joy Goodman], University of Glasgow, [ Andrew D. Gordon], University of Cambridge, [ J&ouml;rgen Gustavsson], Chalmers University of Technology,
*<b>H:</b>[ Cordy Hall], University of Glasgow, [ Thomas Hallgren], OGI, [ Kevin Hammond], University of St. Andrews, [ Rogardt Heldal], Chalmers University of Technology, [ Christoph A. Herrmann], University of Passau, [ Ralf Hinze], University of Bonn, [ James Hook], OGI, [ Paul Hudak], Yale University, [ John Hughes], Chalmers University of Technology, [ Graham Hutton], University of Nottingham,
*<b>I:</b> [ Arjan van IJzendoorn], Utrecht University, [ Mia Indrika], Chalmers University of Technology,
*<b>J:</b>[ Patrik Jansson], Chalmers University of Technology, [ Johan Jeuring], Utrecht University, [ Bengt Johansson], Chalmers University of Technology, [ Thomas Johnsson], Chalmers University of Technology , [ Mark Jones], OGI, [ Simon B. Jones], University of Stirling, [ Simon Peyton Jones], Microsoft,
*<b>K:</b>[ Jerzy Karczmarczuk], University of Caen, [ Gabriele Keller], University of New South Wales,
*<b>L:</b> [ Jose E. Labra], University of Oviedo, [ John Launchbury], OGI, [ Daan Leijen], Utrecht University, [ Jeff Lewis], OGI, [ Sheng Liang], JavaSoft, [ Andres L&ouml;h], University of Bonn, [ Hans-Wolfgang Loidl], University of Glasgow, [ Rita Loogen], University of Marburg, [ Sandra J. Loosemore], Connected Components Corporation,
*<b>M:</b>[ Simon Marlow], Microsoft, [ Erik Meijer], Microsoft, [ Jeff Meunier], University of Connecticut, Andrew Moran, Galois Connections,
*<b>N:</b>[ Thomas Nordin], OGI, [ Johan Nordlander], OGI,
*<b>O:</b>[ John O'Donnell], University of Glasgow, [ Martin Odersky], Ecole Polytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne, [ Chris Okasaki], United States Military Academy,
*<b>P:</b> [ Lars Pareto], Chalmers University of Technology, [ Will Partain], University of Glasgow, [[user:John Peterson|John Peterson]], Western State College, [ Simon Peyton Jones], Microsoft, [ Bernie Pope], University of Melbourne, [ Steffen Priebe], University of Marburg,
*<b>R:</b>[ Alastair Reid], Reid Consulting (UK) Ltd, [ Richard Reid], University of Glasgow, [ Fermin Reig], University of Glasgow, [ Colin Runciman], University of York,
*<b>S:</b> [ Andrei Sabelfeld], Chalmers University of Technology, [ Meurig Sage], University of Glasgow, [ David Sands], Chalmers University of Technology, [ Patrick Sansom], University of Glasgow, [ Andr&eacute; Santos] , Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, [ Mary Sheeran], Chalmers University of Technology, [ Tim Sheard], OGI, [ Mark Shields], OGI, [ Duncan Sinclair], University of Strathclyde, [ Satnam Singh], Xilinx, [ Jan Sparud], Chalmers University of Technology, [ Doaitse Swierstra], Utrecht University,
*<b>T:</b> [ Michael Thyer], University of York, [ Phil Trinder], Heriot-Watt University, [ Mark Tullsen], Galois ,
*<b>W:</b> [ Philip Wadler], University of Edinburgh, [ Malcolm Wallace], University of York, [ Keith Wansbrough], University of Glasgow, [ Eric Wilcox], Lotus, [ Noel Winstanley], University of Glasgow,

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Since its inception, Haskell development has been driven by programming language researchers. This page collects information about that community.


1 Research groups

2 Research papers

A collection of Haskell research papers.

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A list of conferences relevant to Haskell.

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