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== Abstract ==
Description moved to [ github page].
'''MemoTrie''' is functional library for creating efficient memo functions, using [ trie]s. It's based on [ some code] from Spencer Janssen and uses type families.
Besides this wiki page, here are more ways to find out about MemoTrie:
* Visit the [ Hackage page] for library documentation and to download & install.
* Or install with <tt>cabal install MemoTrie</tt>.
* Get the code repository: <tt>darcs get</tt>.
<!-- * See the [[MemoTrie/Versions| version history]]. -->
Please leave comments at the [[Talk:MemoTrie|Talk page]].
== See also ==
* [ An associated data type example]
* Ralf Hinze's ''[ Generalizing Generalized Tries]''
* Related [ blog posts].
* Use of MemoTrie in [[vector-space]].

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Description moved to github page.