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1 - When there will be a standard reliable distribution of 'Haskell'?
Say GHC? See into documentations and then pay attention to top of the page :
'experimental'. As you see everything is too academic to be real.
Haskell peaople insist that this is a language of choice. I admit that I fell
badly in love! But then I found a girl of the church that does not want to
dance with me and come into my dreams. She is so religious that I think
I am trying to communicate with a ghoust or wourth : a monad.
2 - Why Haskell Peaple love to 'EXPLAIN' and hate to show 'HOW'?
I am a programmer
and I am programming as my job. There are a lot of documents there that none
of them has a sample that put it's concept to work?
So why you hate samples? I can not code in concepts and sell them and that
is most important thing.
3 - This Monadic plague is driving me crazy! I read documents about it and still
I do not understand it (I admit I am a little slow but this is far from being
grasped as daily concerns in other programming languages.)
So PLEASE somebody put an PRACTICAL end to this ambious thing that bleeds
from inner part of my mind. (I pray !!! God bless you!)
And do not thing we do not need states at all even an electronic cicuit with
solid behaviour has some 'unnatural' - in your oppinion - states like noises
and strange feedbacks.
4 - If this is going to be a practical 'THING' in 'INDUSTRY' maybe the other ways
need to be tested. A port of appache http server to haskell, extending
haskell to paralell and distributed space more reliably, better IDEs and
tools, and a little roughness for comming out of the paradise of academia to
the warm climate of daily problem solving challenges.
Thanks all for your efforts

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