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'''Recent Package Updates''' [] []
<div class="subtitle">Recent Package Updates [] []</div>
;[ chp]
<div style="font-size:80%">
:An implementation of concurrency ideas from Communicating Sequential Processes
See [ here]
;[ Haskelloids 0.1.1]
:A reproduction of the Atari 1979 classic "Asteroids"
;[ pandoc]
:Conversion between markup formats
;[ IrrHaskell 0.1]
:Haskell binding to the Irrlicht game engine.
;[ gt-tools 0.1.3]
:Console and GUI interface for Google Translate service
;[ network-protocol-xmpp 0.2.1]
:Client <-> Server communication over XMPP
;[ XMMS 0.1]
:XMMS2 client library.
;[ control-event]
:Event scheduling system.
;[ chp-plus 1.2.0]
:A set of high-level concurrency utilities built on Communicating Haskell Processes
;[ ghc-syb-utils]
:Scrap Your Boilerplate utilities for the GHC API.
;[ ghc-syb]
:Data and Typeable instances for the GHC API.
;[ kinds]
:Emulation of subkinds and subkind polymorphism
;[ GPipe 1.2.1]
:A functional graphics API for programmable GPUs
;[ hemkay-core 0.1.2]
:A device independent module music mixer
;[ Vec-Transform 1.0.4]
:Extends the Vec package with some 4x4 transform matrices
;[ Vec-Boolean 1.0.3]
:Provides Boolean instances for the Vec package
;[ GenSmsPdu 0.1]
:Automatic SMS message generator
;[ xhtml-combinators 0.2.1]
:Fast and easy to use XHTML combinators.
;[ fastirc 0.1.2]
:Fast Internet Relay Chat (IRC) library
[ More...]

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