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'''Recent Package Updates''' [] []
<div class="subtitle">Recent Package Updates [] []</div>
;[ lambdabot-utils 4.2.1]
<div style="font-size:80%">
:Utility libraries for the advanced IRC bot, Lambdabot
See [ here]
;[ ieee 0.6.1]
:Approximate comparisons for IEEE floating point numbers
;[ vector-space 0.7.1]
:Vector & affine spaces, linear maps, and derivatives (requires ghc 6.9 or better)
;[ hsyscall 0.4]
:FFI to syscalls
;[ threads 0.2]
:Fork threads and wait for their result
;[ Hawk 0.0.2]
:Haskell Web Application Kit
;[ hashmap]
:Persistent containers HashMap and HashSet.
;[ data-accessor-mtl]
:Use Accessor to access state in mtl State monad class
;[ data-accessor-template]
:Utilities for accessing and manipulating fields of records
;[ data-accessor-transformers]
:Use Accessor to access state in transformers State monad
;[ data-accessor-monads-tf]
:Use Accessor to access state in monads-tf State monad type family
;[ data-accessor-monads-fd]
:Use Accessor to access state in monads-fd State monad class
;[ data-accessor]
:Utilities for accessing and manipulating fields of records
;[ HDBC-mysql 0.6.3]
:MySQL driver for HDBC
;[ clash 0.1]
:CAES Language for Synchronous Hardware (CLaSH)
;[ parsec-extra]
:Some miscellaneous basic string parsers.
;[ list-extras]
:Common not-so-common functions for lists
;[ bytestring-nums 0.3.2]
:Parse numeric literals from ByteStrings.
;[ hbeanstalk 0.1]
:Client for the beanstalkd workqueue service.
[ More...]

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