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<div class="subtitle">Recent Package Updates [] []</div>
<div class="subtitle">Recent Package Updates [] []</div>
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<div style="font-size:80%">
See [ here]
;[ imbib 1.0.0]
:Minimalistic reference manager.
;[ yesod]
:Creation of type-safe, RESTful web applications.
;[ wai-handler-devel]
:WAI server that automatically reloads code after modification.
;[ wai-extra]
:Provides some basic WAI handlers and middleware.
;[ http-enumerator]
:HTTP client package with enumerator interface and HTTPS support.
;[ authenticate]
:Authentication methods for Haskell web applications.
;[ haskelldb-th 2.1.0]
:Template Haskell utilities for HaskellDB.
;[ haskelldb-hdbc-sqlite3 2.1.0]
:HaskellDB support for the HDBC SQLite driver.
;[ haskelldb-hdbc-postgresql 2.1.0]
:HaskellDB support for the HDBC PostgreSQL driver.
;[ haskelldb-hdbc-odbc 2.1.0]
:HaskellDB support for the HDBC ODBC driver.
;[ haskelldb-hdbc 2.1.0]
:HaskellDB support for HDBC.
;[ haskelldb 2.1.0]
:A library of combinators for generating and executing SQL statements.
;[ timeplot 0.2.4]
:A tool for visualizing time series from log files.
;[ template]
:Simple string substitution
;[ manatee 0.0.5]
:The Haskell/Gtk+ Integrated Live Environment
;[ hyena]
:Simple web application server
;[ flock 0.2.1]
:Wrapper for flock(2)
;[ ListLike 2.0.1]
:Generic support for list-like structures
[ More...]

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