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;[ data-lens-ixset 0.1.1]
See [ here]
:A Lens for IxSet
;[ streamproc 1.6]
:Stream Processer Arrow
;[ cabalvchk 0.3]
:Verify installed package version against user-specified constraints.
;[ cabal-progdeps 1.0]
:Show dependencies of program being built in current directory
;[ splot 0.3.2]
:A tool for visualizing the lifecycle of many concurrent multi-staged processes.
;[ couchdb-conduit]
:Couch DB client library using http-conduit and aeson
;[ GPX 0.6.1]
:Parse GPX files
;[ threadscope 0.2.1]
:A graphical tool for profiling parallel Haskell programs.
;[ ghc-events]
:Library and tool for parsing .eventlog files from GHC
;[ cereal]
:A binary serialization library
;[ statistics]
:A library of statistical types, data, and functions
;[ mwc-random]
:Fast, high quality pseudo random number generation
;[ math-functions]
:Special functions and Chebyshev polynomials
;[ llvm]
:Bindings to the LLVM compiler toolkit.
;[ resource-pool]
:A high-performance striped resource pooling implementation
;[ llvm-base]
:FFI bindings to the LLVM compiler toolkit.
;[ lio 0.1.1]
:Labeled IO Information Flow Control Library
;[ base64-bytestring]
:Fast base64 encoding and deconding for ByteStrings
[ More...]

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