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==== Latest Issue ====
==== Latest Issue ====
[[Media:TMR-Issue11.pdf|The Monad.Reader Issue 11]] is now available. Issue 11 consists of the following three articles:
;''David F. Place''
:How to Refold a Map
;''Kenneth Knowles''
:First-Order Logic à la Carte
;''Douglas M. Auclair''
:<nowiki>MonadPlus: What a Super Monad!</nowiki>
Discussion of this Issue's articles may be found on a [[The_Monad.Reader/Discuss_Issue11|separate page.]]
Discussion of this Issue's articles may be found on a [[The_Monad.Reader/Discuss_Issue11|separate page.]]

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The Monad.Reader is an electronic magazine about all things Haskell. It is less formal than journal, but somehow more enduring than a wiki-page. There have been a wide variety of articles, including: exciting code fragments, intriguing puzzles, book reviews, tutorials, and even half-baked research ideas.


1 Latest Issue

Discussion of this Issue's articles may be found on a separate page.

Feel free to browse the source files [1]. You can check out the entire repository using darcs:

darcs get

The source code and LaTeX files have all been released under a BSD-style license.

I'd welcome any discussion and feedback on the Talk page.

2 Previous editions

All the previous editions have moved to a separate page. Some of the older, wiki-published articles need some TLC. If you read any of the articles and can spare a few minutes to help clean up some of the formatting, your help would really be appreciated.

3 Contributing

If you're interested in writing something for The Monad.Reader, please download the instructions for authors. You can also check out the most recent version from the darcs repository at I hope to release another Summer of Code Special in the fall of 2008. Expect the deadline for Issue 13 to be early 2009.

Feel free to contact Wouter Swierstra with any questions.

4 Merchandise

You can buy The Monad.Reader t-shirts and merchandise from Cafepress.

5 The name

The name is a pun, I'm afraid. A magazine is sometimes also referred to as a "reader". The articles are not necessarily about monads.