Releasing WinHugs

Ross Paterson ross at
Wed Sep 7 13:15:45 EDT 2005

On Wed, Sep 07, 2005 at 05:37:06PM +0100, Neil Mitchell wrote:
> > If you don't count interact as a bug.  Do getChar/putChar work?
> putChar works fine, getChar doesn't. I can probably fix this up in the
> long run, I just don't have a clue where to start for now - the whole
> flow of control with the message pump, setjmp, polling etc. is quite
> confusing.


> > What would :main do?
> ":main arg1 arg2" would invoke main, but getArgs would return
> ["arg1","arg2"] for that execution. This would be fantastically useful
> for testing console programs. This would be a Hugs improvement, not
> specific to WinHugs.

If the Main module imports System.Environment, you can get this effect via

	Main> withArgs ["arg1","arg2"] main

(there's withProgName too)

> > You might like to check whether HGL works with WinHugs: try running
> > main in hugsdir/demos/HGL/GTest.hs -- it should pop up lots of windows
> > that react to events in different ways (README in that directory gives
> > the details).
> First off, it doesn't load. By changing the path from 
> {Hugs}\packages\*
> to:
> {Hugs}\packages\HGL;{Hugs}\packages\Win32;
> I get it to load. Is this a Windows problem, or a more general problem?

That seems to imply that the \* feature isn't working under Windows, so
none of the packages are available.  Can you load Distribution.Simple?
(But it does work when built with MSYS+MinGW, as does HGL itself.)

> > - WinHugs builds under MSYS+MinGW, but the executable just hangs.
> >   (Not essential to fix this, but would be nice.)
> I will install the required MSYS+MinGW and see what happens, I
> wouldn't have expected it to hang, but it should be fixable.

You also need MSYSdtk.  The commands to build winhugs aren't in the
Makefile yet.  By hang, I mean it doesn't even create a window.

> > - Someone will have to do the Windows packaging, including the program
> >   compiled with VC++ (for the stack overflow protection) and the
> >   documentation is HTML Help form.
> I don't know how to compile the HTML Help, but I'm sure I can figure
> it out. I have builds of the 3 binaries for Hugs.

There's nothing in the Makefile, but I understand xsltproc can generate
it from the .xml files.

There's also the MSI packaging.  Sigbjorn, are you there?

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