Compiling mutually recursive modules involving instances

Simon Peyton-Jones [email protected]
Thu, 26 Oct 2000 01:50:30 -0700

The best thing to do is never to put an instance
declaration in an hi-boot file.   I don't think you ever really
need to.   In contrast, mutual recursion of type declarations
is often unavoidable.

The manual should really say this


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| Subject: Compiling mutually recursive modules involving instances
| Hello.
| I am having difficulties in  compiling mutually recursive
| modules involving classes and instances in GHC 4.08.1.
| Basicaly I am not finding how to write a .hi-boot where
| I want to put classes and instances.
| Consider a program with 3 modules: M1, M2 and Main. The
| sources are attached to the message. What should go
| into M2.hi-boot? Would anyone write M2.hi-boot for me
| so that I can learn it.
| Thanks.
| Romildo
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