Pointers in Haskell??

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I would also recommend the following book, which, in Chapter 3, =
graph reduction, closures, and pointers:

   Fethi Rabhi, and Guy Lapalme.  Algorithms: a functional
   programming approach; Second Edition.  Addison-Wesley, 1999.

Another useful book, but probably not for the beginner, is

   Chris Okasaki.  Purely Functional Data Structures.
   Cambridge University Press, 1998, 1999.

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I am totally new to Haskell, so maybe this is a stupid question.
Various languages have pointers (or references), for good reason.
Haskell can at least partly do without them (they are only existing
internally somehow).
My question is: Does Haskell principally not need pointers (i.e. in =
case of
2 data structures needing to reference an other very
large data structure) or is this a design flaw or have a overlooked

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