[Yhc] Haskell Int{8,16,32...} types, config.h

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 16:53:34 EDT 2006


> These are not as portable as they could be.
The idea is that they as portable as possible, and they are generated
by directly testing code - generating a type and prodding sizeof it.
The hope is that even a really broken setup can't lie about those sort
of things :)

> A C standard defines headers
> that have int8_t, uint8_t, int16_t, uint16_t, and so on. These types are
> guaranteed by the standard, no matter what sizes "short", "int", and so
> on are.
Yes, but the reason we need to do these hacks is precisely because the
standard is badly implemented. I think this these types are defined on
Linux/glibc, rather than in standard C, but may well be wrong.

As for the rest of the things, I'm not really sure - I guess only Tom
will know exactly why this was done the way it was - and might relate
to Autoconf, and hence is a good reason to change it :)



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