Fwd: [Yhc] Finfo flags

Thomas Shackell shackell at cs.york.ac.uk
Thu Nov 2 09:53:55 EST 2006

> Can anyone tell me what the Finfo flags field means and is used for?
> The C runtime defines this enum, which I assume is related:
> enum FInfoFlags { FFL_NONE = 0x00, FFL_INVIS = 0x01, FFL_LAMBDA = 0x02,
> FFL_PRIM_APPLY = 0x04 };
> They were added in about May, and seem to relate to Hat, based on patch
> comments.

Sorry Rob,

Took me a while to spot this email. It's entirely Hat related,

      means treat this function as though it didn't exist 

      from a tracing point of view.

      means this is a lambda function so don't try to
      trace it's name or anything.

      means this is the special inbuilt apply function that is so special
      you can't even write it in Haskell. So please trace it specially.



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