[Yhc] Re: Proposal: Yhc Core file generation

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Sun Oct 29 14:53:19 EST 2006


> 1) core=1 is the default for Scons, installed libraries contain .ycr files
>  - Slower to compile the libraries (a bit) takes up more space (a few Mb)
>  + useful for the Yhc.Core users

Still not done

> 2) Make the -core plus lack of a .ycr file, or an old .ycr file, cause
> a file to be rebuilt. At the moment it only has an effect on newly
> built files.
>  - more recompilation
>  + but only for people who specify -core


> 3) Add a -corelink option, which implicitly issues -core, and after
> all the .ycr files have been generated, pulls them together into one
> big .yca file.
>  + useful for Yhc.Core users

I called the option -linkcore, and its now done.

So basically now if you want a big Yhc.Core file, send -linkcore as a
flag, and be happy :) This should open up the possiblity for a few new
cool projects.



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