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For installation/upgrade instructions using a previous version of cabal-install see here.

Cabal library (version

Released: March 2023

Source download: Cabal- (with a checksum in file SHA256SUMS in Cabal-

Please see the User's guide, the API documentation, and the change log.

cabal-install tool (version

cabal-install is the command line interface to Cabal and hackage. This is the package that provides the cabal command line program. See the change log for information about what's new in this version.

Released: March 2023

Source and binary downloads: cabal-install-

Packages for Debian (multiple versions) are available on the APT repository.

Packages for Windows are available via Chocolatey.

HEAD binaries for macOS are available on

You also can use ghcup

To build any of the source packages, you also need further packages, which can be found on Hackage.


Report bugs here or to the cabal-devel mailing list.


You can get the development version of the code here.

Version Numbers

Stable Releases are numbered a.b.c.d, where b is even. Unstable snapshots between releases are numbered a.b.c.d, where b is odd. Changes for c and d are minor.

For example, 2.1.x.x is the development version leading up to the stable release 2.2.x.x.

Older Releases

The versions bundled with recent Haskell implementation releases include:

You can browse the older releases of cabal in

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