7. Cabal file format changelog

7.1. Changes in 2.4

  • Wildcard matching has been expanded. All previous wildcard expressions are still valid; some will match strictly more files than before. Specifically:
    • Double-star (**) wildcards are now accepted for recursive matching immediately before the final slash; they must be followed by a filename wildcard (e.g., foo/**/*.html is valid; foo/**/bar/*.html and foo/**/**/*.html, foo/**/bar.html are all invalid). As ** was an error in globs before, this does not affect any existing .cabal files that previously worked.
    • Wildcards now match when the pattern’s extensions form a suffix of the candidate file’s extension, rather than requiring strict equality (e.g., previously *.html did not match foo.en.html, but now it does).
  • License fields use identifiers from SPDX License List version 3.2 2018-07-10