Portability GHC
Stability alpha
Maintainer Isaac Jones <>
Definition of the LocalBuildInfo data type.
data LocalBuildInfo = LocalBuildInfo {
prefix :: FilePath
compiler :: Compiler
buildDir :: FilePath
packageDeps :: [PackageIdentifier]
withHaddock :: (Maybe FilePath)
withHappy :: (Maybe FilePath)
withAlex :: (Maybe FilePath)
withHsc2hs :: (Maybe FilePath)
withCpphs :: (Maybe FilePath)
data LocalBuildInfo
Data cached after configuration step.
prefix :: FilePathThe installation directory (eg. usrlocal, or C:Program Filesfoo-1.2 on Windows.
compiler :: CompilerThe compiler we're building with
buildDir :: FilePathWhere to put the result of building.
packageDeps :: [PackageIdentifier]Which packages we depend on, exactly. The PackageDescription specifies a set of build dependencies that must be satisfied in terms of version ranges. This field fixes those dependencies to the specific versions available on this machine for this compiler.
withHaddock :: (Maybe FilePath)Might be the location of the Haddock executable.
withHappy :: (Maybe FilePath)Might be the location of the Happy executable.
withAlex :: (Maybe FilePath)Might be the location of the Alex executable.
withHsc2hs :: (Maybe FilePath)Might be the location of the Hsc2hs executable.
withCpphs :: (Maybe FilePath)Might be the location of the Cpphs executable.
Show LocalBuildInfo
Read LocalBuildInfo
Eq LocalBuildInfo
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