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Portability portable
Stability alpha
Explanation: Information on how to USE an installed package, consumed by HC-PKG (ghc-pkg, for instance). THIS MODULE IS NOT YET USED. HC-PKG is not yet implemented, and ghc-pkg has its own file format, so this module is very much subject to change once HC-PKG is implemented.
data InstalledPackageInfo = InstalledPackageInfo {
pkgIdent :: PackageIdentifier
license :: License
copyright :: String
maintainer :: String
stability :: String
auto :: Bool
importDirs :: [FilePath]
sourceDirs :: [FilePath]
libraryDirs :: [FilePath]
hsLibraries :: [String]
extraLibraries :: [String]
includeDirs :: [FilePath]
cIncludes :: [String]
depends :: [Dependency]
extraHugsOpts :: [Opt]
extraCcOpts :: [Opt]
extraLdOpts :: [Opt]
frameworkDirs :: [FilePath]
extraFrameworks :: [String]
emptyInstalledPackageInfo :: InstalledPackageInfo
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