GHC 8.4.4 released

Ben Gamari - 2018-10-14

The GHC team is pleased to announce the availability of GHC 8.4.4, a patch-level release in the 8.4 series. The source distribution, binary distributions, and documentation for this release are available at

This release fixes several bugs present in 8.4.3. These include,

  • A bug which could result in memory unsafety with certain uses of touch# has been resolved. (#14346)

  • A compiler panic triggered by some GADT record updates has been fixed (#15499)

  • The text library has been updated, fixing several serious bugs in the version shipped with GHC 8.4.3 (see text issues #227, #221, and #197.

  • A serious code generation bug in the LLVM code generation, potentially resulting in incorrect evaluation of floating point expressions, has been fixed (#14251)

As always, the full release notes can be found in the users guide.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to developing, documenting, and testing this release!

As always, let us know if you encounter trouble.