GHC 8.8.4 released

bgamari - 2020-07-15

The GHC team is proud to announce the release of GHC 8.8.4. The source distribution, binary distributions, and documentation are available at

Release notes are also available.

This release fixes a handful of issues affecting 8.8.3:

  • Fixes a bug in process creation on Windows (#17926). Due to this fix we strongly encourage all Windows users to upgrade immediately.

  • Works around a Linux kernel bug in the implementation of timerfd (#18033)

  • Fixes a few linking issues affecting ARM

  • Fixes “missing interface file” error triggered by some uses of Data.Ord.Ordering (#18185)

  • Fixes an integer overflow in the compact-normal-form import implementation (#16992)

  • configure now accepts a --enable-numa flag to enable/disable numactl support on Linux.

  • Fixes potentially lost sharing due to the desugaring of left operator sections (#18151).

  • Fixes a build-system bug resulting in potential miscompilation by unregisteised compilers (#18024)

As always, if anything looks amiss do let us know.