GHC 8.10.5 is now available

Zubin Duggal - 2021-06-05

The GHC team is very pleased to announce the availability of GHC 8.10.5. Source and binary distributions are available at the usual place.

This release adds native ARM/Darwin support, as well as bringing performance improvements and fixing numerous bugs of varying severity present in the 8.10 series:

  • First-class support for Apple M1 hardware using GHC’s LLVM ARM backend

  • Fix a bug resulting in segmentation faults where code may be unloaded prematurely when using the parallel garbage collector (#19417) along with other bugs in the GC and linker (#19147, #19287)

  • Improve code layout fixing certain performance regressions (#18053) and other code generation bug fixes (#19645)

  • Bug fixes for signal handling when using the pthread itimer implementation.

  • Improvements to the specializer and simplifier reducing code size and and memory usage (#17151, #18923,#18140, #10421, #18282, #13253).

  • Fix a bug where typechecker plugins could be run with an inconsistent typechecker environment (#19191).

  • Fix a simplifier bug which lead to an exponential blow up and excessive memory usage in certain cases

A complete list of bug fixes and improvements can be found in the release notes: release notes,

As always, feel free to report any issues you encounter via