GHC 9.2.2 is now available

bgamari - 2022-03-06

The GHC developers are very happy to at announce the availability of GHC 9.2.2. Binary distributions, source distributions, and documentation are available at

This release includes many bug-fixes and other improvements to 9.2.1 including:

  • A number of bug-fixes in the new AArch64 native code generator

  • Fixes ensuring that the indexWord8ArrayAs*# family of primops is handled correctly on platforms lacking support for unaligned memory accesses (#21015, #20987).

  • Improvements to the compatibility story in GHC’s migration to the XDG Base Directory Specification (#20684, #20669, #20660)

  • Restored compatibility with Windows 7

  • A new -fcompact-unwind flag, improving compatibility with C++ libraries on Apple Darwin (#11829)

  • Introduction of a new flag, -fcheck-prim-bounds, enabling runtime bounds checking of array primops (#20769)

  • Unboxing of unlifted types (#20663)

  • Numerous improvements in compiler performance.

  • Many, many others. See the release notes for a full list.

As some of the fixed issues do affect correctness users are encouraged to upgrade promptly.

Finally, thank you to Microsoft Research, GitHub, IOHK, the Zw3rk stake pool, Tweag I/O, Serokell, Equinix, SimSpace, and other anonymous contributors whose on-going financial and in-kind support has facilitated GHC maintenance and release management over the years. Moreover, this release would not have been possible without the hundreds of open-source contributors whose work comprise this release.

As always, do open a ticket if you see anything amiss.

Happy compiling,

  • Ben