GHC 9.6.1-alpha1 is now available

bgamari - 2023-01-13

The GHC team is very pleased to announce the availability of GHC 9.6.1-alpha1. As usual, binaries and source distributions are available at This is the first alpha release in the 9.6 series which will bring a number of exciting features:

  • A new Javascript code generation backend

  • A new WebAssembly code generation backend,

  • Significant latency improvements in the non-moving garbage collector

  • Support for loading of multiple components in GHCi

  • Efficient support for delimited continuations

  • Improvements in error messages

  • Numerous improvements in compiler-residency

Note that both the Javascript and WebAssembly backends are still in a state of infancy and are present in this release as a technology preview; we hope that they will mature considerably before the final 9.6.1 release.

Please give this release a try and open a ticket if you see anything amiss.


  • Ben