GHC release plans

Zubin Duggal - 2024-05-21

This post sets out our plans for upcoming releases in the next few months.

Given limited time and resources, we plan to prioritise work on the 9.6, 9.10 and master branches of GHC for the next few months.


With the release of 9.10.1, we look forward to the broader adoption of this release.

New releases in this series will continue at the usual rate depending on if and when any significant regressions or issues arise.


9.6.5 seems to be a relatively stable release so far and we plan to prioritise fixes given the relatively higher adoption of this branch. We know of one significant issue (#22210) to do with object merging arising from the interactions between GHC and cabal on certain platforms including Darwin with a brew-provisioned clang toolchain.

The upcoming 9.6.6 release will include a fix for this issue along with others that may arise. The 9.6.6 release is tentatively scheduled for the end of June, to allow for sufficient time following the 9.6.5 release for bugs and issues to be reported and addressed.


We plan to continue supporting this release series for the near future, but updates to this series might proceed at a slower rate than usual as we prioritise the new release (9.10) and supporting earlier releases with high uptake (9.6).

The next release in this series will likely be scheduled after the 9.6.6 release.


We hope that this clarfies the current state of our release branches. If you have any questions or comments then please be in touch via