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The GHC Team

The success of GHC has a lot to do with the large band of highly talented people who contribute to it; this page is mainly to acknowledge those contributions but also to give users of GHC an idea of "who is responsible for what". In particular there are several people who have generously agreed to look after the port of GHC to a particular platform, or produce packages for a certain platform - the section below lists these people and the port or packages that they maintain.

Porters/Packagers (no particular order)

Windows (targetting mingw) Sigbjorn Finne
Windows (targetting Cygwin) Position open; port bitrotted
Linux (generic) Simon Marlow, Simon Peyton Jones
FreeBSD Simon Marlow, Oliver Braun
OpenBSD Don Stewart
RedHat Linux/x86 packages Manuel Chakravarty
SuSE Linux/x86 packages Sven Panne, Ralf Hinze
Gentoo Linux/x86 packages Andres Loeh
Debian GNU/Linux/x86 packages Ian Lynagh
AIX Autrijus Tang
Linux Sven Moritz Hallberg
MacOS X Wolfgang Thaller
Solaris Position open
Linux (in progress) Simon Marlow
Irix Don Stewart
Linux (in progress) Matt Chapman
Dec OSF Ken Shan

Current committers (alphabetical order)

These people currently have commit access to the GHC CVS repository. The right hand column is a short description of what they have done / are doing in the tree.

Krasimir Angelov ObjectIO library
Manuel Chakravarty Array flattening, GHC Commentary
Koen Claessen New Read framework
Robert Ennals Eager evaluation
Sigbjorn Finne Win32 porting, threaded RTS, lots of other stuff
Gabrielle Keller Array flattening
Marcin Kowalczyk 31-bit Chars, hsc2hs, various other stuff
Jeff Lewis Implicit parameters, functional dependencies
Ryan Lortie PowerPC/PowerPC-64 Linux porting
Ian Lynagh Template Haskell
Simon Marlow Release engineering, hierarchical libraries, general hacking
Sven Panne OpenGL/GLUT/OpenAL bindings, configuration/build system, various other stuff
Ross Paterson Control.Arrow, haskell-src improvements
Simon Peyton Jones Template Haskell, general hacking
Don Stewart OpenBSD (x86 & m68k) porting
Volker Stolz forkProcess#, thread labels
Wolfgang Thaller MacOS X porting
Andrew Tolmach External Core
Keith Wansbrough Usage analysis
Michael Weber Debian packaging

Past contributors

These people have contributed to GHC in the past, in various wonderful ways:

Sebastien Carlier
Kevin Glynn
Cordy Hall
Kevin Hammond
Andy Gill
Hans Wolfgang Lloidl
John Launchbury
Jim Mattson
Darren Moffat
Nick Nethercote
Thomas Nordin
Bryan O'Sullivan
Sungwoo Park
Will Partain
Juan Quintela
Alastair Reid
Patrick Sansom
André Santos
Julian Seward
Reuben Thomas
Phil Trinder
David N Turner
Philip Wadler
Michael Weber