Version 2.10

GHC 2.10 was a full "binary release" - that means we built binary distributions for all the architectures supported by GHC.  If there isn't a 3.02 binary dist for your machine, there should be a 2.10 dist (which you can then use to build 3.02 and contribute binaries back to us :-)

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  • Anyone who can provide builds for architectures not listed here - please drop us a line!
  • There's a bug in the template supplied with the various binary distributions. After unpacking, you need to apply the following patch. (If you're having problems applying the patch, a fixed version of the buggy is also available.)
  • The mips-sgi-irix6 bundle was contributed by Fuad Abdallah <>. Another 2.10 binary bundle for SGIs running IRIX6.4 has kindly been made available by Klemens Hemm <>.
  • The HP-UX build was contributed by Sven Panne, and contains normal, profiling and concurrent distributions in one package.


  • An RPM for Linux is available courtesy of Manuel Chakravarty.
  • An experimental Gransim bundle for sparc-sun-solaris2 is available, courtesy of David King.
  • Source Distribution
  • Binary Distributions
  • Architecture Compiler Profiling Concurrent
    alpha-dec-osf O O O
    sparc-sun-solaris2 O O O
    i386-unknown-solaris2 O O O
    i386-unknown-freebsd O O O
    i386-unknown-linux O O O
    i386-unknown-cygwin32 O O O
    mips-sgi-irix6 O O O
    hppa1.1-hp-hpux10 O X X