Version 5.00.2 (released 18 June 2001)

The 5 series features some major changes over the 4 series: in short, an interactive development environment, and significantly faster compilation for large programs. 5.00.1 fixes a large number of bugs in the original 5.00 release. 5.00.2 fixes a smaller number of bugs reported after the 5.00.1 release three weeks ago. Upgrading to 5.00.2 is recommended, particularly if you plan to make heavy use of the interactive development environment.

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  • The source distribution needs an installed GHC 4.08.X or 5.X to build; if you've not got that, get an HC source dist. It's easier to build from sources than from HC files, if you possibly can.
  • On Linux, it's generally preferable to install from a .rpm or .deb package than from the binary .tar.bz2, because .rpm/.deb packaging ensures you have the correct supporting libraries on your machine prior to instaling GHC. You need the following libraries to use the binary tar:,, These come as standard on RedHat 6.2, at least. On Solaris, these libraries are linked statically into ghc; you'll only need them if you want to link your own programs against them.