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Haskell Symposium 2010

Baltimore MD, United States
Thursday, 30th September, 2010
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Accepted Papers

José Pedro Magalhães , Atze Dijkstra , Johan Jeuring and Andres Löh . A generic deriving mechanism for Haskell
Norman Ramsey , João Dias and Simon Peyton Jones . Hoopl: A Modular, Reusable Library for Dataflow Analysis and Transformation
Maciej Pirog and Dariusz Biernacki. A Systematic Derivation of the STG Machine Verified in Coq
Brent Yorgey . Species and Functors and Types, Oh My!
J. Garrett Morris . Experience Report: Using Hackage to Inform Language Design
John Launchbury and Trevor Elliott. Concurrent Orchestration in Haskell
Bryan O'Sullivan and Johan Tibell. Scalable Event Handling for GHC
Simon Marlow, Patrick Maier , Hans-Wolfgang Loidl , Mustafa Aswad and Phil Trinder . Seq no more: Better Strategies for Parallel Haskell
Milan Straka . The performance of Haskell containers package
Geoffrey Mainland and Greg Morrisett . Nikola: Embedding Compiled GPU Functions in Haskell
David Terei and Manuel Chakravarty . An LLVM Backend For GHC
Max Bolingbroke and Simon Peyton Jones . Supercompilation by Evaluation
John van Groningen, Thomas van Noort , Peter Achten , Pieter Koopman and Rinus Plasmeijer . Exchanging Sources Between Clean and Haskell - A Double-Edged Front End for the Clean Compiler
Tillmann Rendel and Klaus Ostermann . Invertible syntax descriptions: Unifying parsing and pretty printing

Jeremy Gibbons