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Haskell Symposium 2014

Göteborg, Sweden
4 – 5 September, 2014
(directly after ICFP)
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Haskell '14 Accepted Papers

Jasmin Christian Blanchette, Lars Hupel, Tobias Nipkow, Lars Noschinski and Dmitriy Traytel. Experience Report: The Next 1100 Haskell Programmers
Takayuki Muranushi and Richard A. Eisenberg. Experience Report: Type-checking Polymorphic Units for Astrophysics Research in Haskell
J. Garrett Morris. A Simple Semantics for Haskell Overloading
Atze van der Ploeg and Oleg Kiselyov. Reflection without Remorse: Revealing a hidden sequence to speed up monadic reflection
Anton Ekblad and Koen Claessen. A seamless, client-centric programming model for type safe web applications
Nicolas Wu, Tom Schrijvers and Ralf Hinze. Effect Handlers in Scope
Dominic Orchard and Tomas Petricek. Embedding effect systems in Haskell
Richard A. Eisenberg and Jan Stolarek . Promoting Functions to Type Families in Haskell
Lee Pike. SmartCheck: Automatic and Efficient Counterexample Reduction and Generalization
Niki Vazou, Eric L. Seidel and Ranjit Jhala. LiquidHaskell: Refinement Types in the Real World
Patrick Maier, Robert Stewart and Phil Trinder. The HdpH DSLs for Scalable Reliable Computation
Michael D. Adams and Ömer Sinan Ağacan. Indentation-Sensitive Parsing for Parsec
Deian Stefan and Alejandro Russo. Building Secure Systems with LIO (Systems Demo)
Manuel Chakravarty Foreign Inline Code (Systems Demo)
Amit Levy, David Terei, Deian Stefan and David Mazieres. Making Web Applications -XSafe (Systems Demo)
Kiwamu Okabe and Takayuki Muranushi. NetBSD Sound Drivers in Haskell (Systems Demo)