[Haskell] 1995 Haskell Workshop

La Jolla, California, USA
25 June, 1995


The first Haskell Workshop was held on 25 June, 1995, in La Jolla, California, co-located with PLDI/PEPM/FPCA. It was chaired by Prof. Paul Hudak, Yale University, and sponsored by ACM/IFIP.

Some ten years later, Paul Hudak and Henrik Nilsson bravely dived into dusty Yale filing cabinets and managed to locate the original workshop proceedings. The proceedings were subsequently scanned to make an electronic copy available on-line, in celebration of the 10th Haskell Workshop in 2006.


Proceedings of the Haskell Workshop 1995
Yale University Research Report YALE/DCS/RR-1075

The following papers were presented:

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