ACM SIGPLAN Workshop Program

Haskell Workshop

Held in conjunction with ICFP97

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Saturday, June 7, 1997

Workshop Description

The definition of Haskell 1.4 has recently been released, but it is clear that there are many exciting opportunities ahead for developing and enhancing the language. Some of these will be in direct response to needs demonstrated by large-scale applications written in Haskell, or by Haskell being used in novel and interesting ways. Other developments will be driven by more theoretical considerations, whether they are moving in the direction of increased expressibility or, alternatively, simplifications to the language by recognizing unifying concepts. The purpose of the workshop is to provide a forum where possible future development directions for Haskell may be discussed.

Workshop Program

Session 1. Chair: Lennart Augustsson
Type Classes: an exploration of the design space
Simon Peyton Jones, Mark Jones, and Erik Meijer
Polymorphic Extensible Records for Haskell
Benedict R. Gaster
The Design and Implementation of Mondrian
Erik Meijer and Koen Claessen
Session 2. Chair: John Peterson
Reactive Objects in a Functional Language
Johan Nordlander and Magnus Carlsson
Debugging Reactive Systems in Haskell
Amr Sabry and Jan Sparud
Bulk Types with Class
Simon Peyton Jones
Session 3. Chair: Peter Thiemann
Disposable Memo Functions
Byron Cook and John Launchbury
Green Card: a foreign language interface for Haskell
Simon Peyton Jones, Thomas Nordin, and Alastair Reid
Heap Compression and Binary I/O in Haskell
Malcolm Wallace and Colin Runciman
Session 4. Chair: John Launchbury
Open-mike Session: What next for Haskell?
Participants are invited to make 5-minute statements on the future development of Haskell. These will be grouped by topic, and while the statements are limited to 5 minutes, any ensuing discussion is not. Anyone who wants to make a statement should indicate their desire in advance of the session.

Registration and Important Dates

Details for registration can be found on the ICFP page.

Workshop Organizer

Program Committee

October 15, 1996. J. Launchbury