Haskell Workshop 2007

Program (Draft)

Session I (chaired by Derek Dreyer, TTI)
9:00 Andy Gill and Colin Runciman. Haskell Program Coverage
9:30 Simon Marlow, José Iborra, Bernard Pope and Andy Gill. A Lightweight Interactive Debugger for Haskell
10:00Coffee Break
Session II (chaired by Lennart Augustsson, Credit Suisse)
10:30 Wouter Swierstra and Thorsten Altenkirch. Beauty in the Beast: A Functional Semantics of the Awkward Squad
11:00 Matthew Naylor, Emil Axelsson and Colin Runciman. A Functional-Logic Library for Wired
11:30 Neil Mitchell and Colin Runciman. Uniform Boilerplate and List Processing; Or: Scrap Your Scary Types
12:00 Philip Wadler and Simon Peyton Jones. Comprehensions with `Order by' and `Group by'
12:30Lunch Break
Session III (chaired by Gabriele Keller, University of New South Wales)
14:00 Geoffrey Mainland. Why It's Nice to be Quoted: Quasiquoting for Haskell
14:30 Louis-Julien Guillemette and Stefan Monnier. A Type-Preserving Closure Conversion in Haskell
15:00 Demo 1: George Giorgidze and Henrik Nilsson Programming Modular Synthesizer in Haskell
15:15 Demo 2: Martin Grabmüller and Dirk Kleeblatt Run-time Code Generation in Haskell
15:30 Coffee Break
Session IV (chaired by Doaitse Swierstra, Utrecht University)
16:00Joao Fernandes, Alberto Pardo and João Saraiva. A Shortcut Fusion Rule for Circular Program Calculation
16:30 Peng Li, Andrew Tolmach, Simon Marlow and Simon Peyton Jones. Lightweight concurrency primitives for GHC
17:00Demo 3: Don StewartXMonad
Session V (chaired by Andy Gill, Galois)
17:15-Report and Discussion