Builder +text

data Builder
text Data.Text.Lazy.Builder
A Builder is an efficient way to build lazy Text values. There are several functions for constructing builders, but only one to inspect them: to extract any data, you have to turn them into lazy Text values using toLazyText. Internally, a builder constructs a lazy Text by filling arrays piece by piece. As each buffer is filled, it is 'popped' off, to become a new chunk of the resulting lazy Text. All this is hidden from the user of the Builder.
module Data.Text.Lazy.Builder
text Data.Text.Lazy.Builder
Efficient construction of lazy Text values. The principal operations on a Builder are singleton, fromText, and fromLazyText, which construct new builders, and mappend, which concatenates two builders. To get maximum performance when building lazy Text values using a builder, associate mappend calls to the right. For example, prefer > singleton 'a' `mappend` (singleton 'b' `mappend` singleton 'c') to > singleton 'a' `mappend` singleton 'b' `mappend` singleton 'c' as the latter associates mappend to the left.