ByteString +unix

module System.Posix.ByteString
unix System.Posix.ByteString
POSIX support with ByteString file paths and environment strings. This module exports exactly the same API as System.Posix, except that all file paths and environment strings are represented by ByteString instead of String. The System.Posix API implicitly translates all file paths and environment strings using the locale encoding, whereas this version of the API does no encoding or decoding and works directly in terms of raw bytes. Note that if you do need to interpret file paths or environment strings as text, then some Unicode encoding or decoding should be applied first.
module System.Posix.Directory.ByteString
unix System.Posix.Directory.ByteString
String-based POSIX directory support
module System.Posix.DynamicLinker.ByteString
unix System.Posix.DynamicLinker.ByteString
Dynamic linker support through dlopen()
module System.Posix.DynamicLinker.Module.ByteString
unix System.Posix.DynamicLinker.Module.ByteString
DLOpen support, old API Derived from GModule.chs by M.Weber & M.Chakravarty which is part of c2hs I left the API more or less the same, mostly the flags are different.
module System.Posix.Env.ByteString
unix System.Posix.Env.ByteString
POSIX environment support
module System.Posix.Files.ByteString
unix System.Posix.Files.ByteString
Functions defined by the POSIX standards for manipulating and querying the file system. Names of underlying POSIX functions are indicated whenever possible. A more complete documentation of the POSIX functions together with a more detailed description of different error conditions are usually available in the system's manual pages or from (free registration required). When a function that calls an underlying POSIX function fails, the errno code is converted to an IOError using errnoToIOError. For a list of which errno codes may be generated, consult the POSIX documentation for the underlying function.
module System.Posix.IO.ByteString
unix System.Posix.IO.ByteString
POSIX IO support. These types and functions correspond to the unix functions open(2), close(2), etc. For more portable functions which are more like fopen(3) and friends from stdio.h, see System.IO.
module System.Posix.Process.ByteString
unix System.Posix.Process.ByteString
POSIX process support. See also the System.Cmd and System.Process modules in the process package.
module System.Posix.Temp.ByteString
unix System.Posix.Temp.ByteString
POSIX temporary file and directory creation functions.
module System.Posix.Terminal.ByteString
unix System.Posix.Terminal.ByteString
POSIX Terminal support