data DecompressStream
zlib Codec.Compression.Zlib.Internal
A sequence of chunks of data produced from decompression. The difference from a simple list is that it contains a representation of errors as data rather than as exceptions. This allows you to handle error conditions explicitly.
foldDecompressStream :: (ByteString -> a -> a) -> a -> (DecompressError -> String -> a) -> DecompressStream -> a
zlib Codec.Compression.Zlib.Internal
Fold an DecompressionStream. Just like foldr but with an extra error case. For example to convert to a list and translate the errors into exceptions: > foldDecompressStream (:) [] (\code msg -> error msg)
fromDecompressStream :: DecompressStream -> ByteString
zlib Codec.Compression.Zlib.Internal
Convert a DecompressStream to a lazy ByteString. If any decompression errors are encountered then they are thrown as exceptions. This is a special case of foldDecompressStream.