class Functor f
base Prelude, base Data.Functor, base Control.Monad, base Control.Monad.Instances
The Functor class is used for types that can be mapped over. Instances of Functor should satisfy the following laws: > fmap id == id > fmap (f . g) == fmap f . fmap g The instances of Functor for lists, Data.Maybe.Maybe and System.IO.IO satisfy these laws.
module Data.Functor
base Data.Functor
Functors: uniform action over a parameterized type, generalizing the map function on lists.
package functor-apply
This package has been subsumed by semigroupoids Version 0.11
package functor-combo
Simple functor combinators, their derivatives, and their use for tries Maybe split out derivatives and/or tries later. Version 0.3.3
package functorm
This is the Data.FunctorM module from 6.6's base, deleted from HEAD still used by some projects (notably jhc); this package can be used for compatibility. Version 1.0.1
package functors
Alternative syntax for Functor and Applicative. Includes Caleskell idioms like (.) = fmap, and also extensions like (.:) = fmap . fmap and (&) = (*). Version 0.1
package bifunctors
Bifunctors Version 4.1.1
package cofunctor
This library provides a Cofunctor class useful for types that are sinks or make use of IO effects. See documentation for details. Some supporting constructions are also provided. Version
package digestive-functors
Digestive functors is a library inspired by formlets: It is intended to be an improvement of the Haskell formlets library, with as main advantages: * better error handling, so a web page can display input errors right next to the corresponding fields; * the ability to easily add <label> elements; * separation of the validation model and the HTML output. Tutorial: Version
package digestive-functors-aeson
This package allows you to run a form created by digestive functors against a JSON document that has been parsed by Aeson. For changes, please see Version 1.1.2
package digestive-functors-blaze
Blaze frontend for the digestive-functors library Version
package digestive-functors-happstack
Happstack backend for the digestive-functors library Version
package digestive-functors-heist
Heist frontend for the digestive-functors library Version
package digestive-functors-hsp
This is an HSP frontend for the digestive-functors library. Version 0.5.0
package digestive-functors-scotty
Scotty backend for the digestive-functors library Version
package digestive-functors-snap
Snap backend for the digestive-functors library Version
package free-functors
A free functor is a left adjoint to a forgetful functor. It used to be the case that the only category that was easy to work with in Haskell was Hask itself, so there were no interesting forgetful functors. But the new ConstraintKinds feature of GHC provides an easy way of creating subcategories of Hask. That brings interesting opportunities for free (and cofree) functors. The examples directory contains an implementation of non-empty lists as free semigroups, and automata as free actions. The standard example of free higher order functors is free monads, and this definition can be found in Data.Functor.HFree. Version
package genifunctors
Generate (derive) fmap, foldMap and traverse for Bifunctors, Trifunctors, or a functor with any arity Version
package profunctor-extras
This package has been absorbed into profunctors 4.0 Version 4.0
package profunctors
Profunctors Version 4.0.2

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