type IOError = IOException
base Prelude, base System.IO.Error
The Haskell 98 type for exceptions in the IO monad. Any I/O operation may raise an IOError instead of returning a result. For a more general type of exception, including also those that arise in pure code, see Control.Exception.Exception. In Haskell 98, this is an opaque type.
data IOErrorType
base System.IO.Error
An abstract type that contains a value for each variant of IOError.
ioError :: IOError -> IO a
base Prelude, base Control.Exception.Base, base Control.Exception, base System.IO.Error, base Control.OldException
Raise an IOError in the IO monad.
ioErrors :: Exception -> Maybe IOError
base Control.OldException
annotateIOError :: IOError -> String -> Maybe Handle -> Maybe FilePath -> IOError
base System.IO.Error
Adds a location description and maybe a file path and file handle to an IOError. If any of the file handle or file path is not given the corresponding value in the IOError remains unaltered.
errnoToIOError :: String -> Errno -> Maybe Handle -> Maybe String -> IOError
base Foreign.C.Error
Construct an IOError based on the given Errno value. The optional information can be used to improve the accuracy of error messages.
mkIOError :: IOErrorType -> String -> Maybe Handle -> Maybe FilePath -> IOError
base System.IO.Error
Construct an IOError of the given type argument describes the error location and the third and fourth argument contain the file handle and file path of the file involved in the error if applicable.
modifyIOError :: (IOError -> IOError) -> IO a -> IO a
base System.IO.Error
Catch any IOError that occurs in the computation and throw a modified version.