class Monad m => MonadFix m
base Control.Monad.Fix
Monads having fixed points with a 'knot-tying' semantics. Instances of MonadFix should satisfy the following laws: * purity mfix (return . h) = return (fix h) * left shrinking (or tightening) mfix (\x -> a >>= \y -> f x y) = a >>= \y -> mfix (\x -> f x y) * sliding mfix (Control.Monad.liftM h . f) = Control.Monad.liftM h (mfix (f . h)), for strict h. * nesting mfix (\x -> mfix (\y -> f x y)) = mfix (\x -> f x x) This class is used in the translation of the recursive do notation supported by GHC and Hugs.