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package manatee-reader
manatee-reader is feed reader extension for Manatee (Haskell/Gtk+ Integrated Live Environment) Default configuration template at Config/Reader.hs, copy to directory `HOME.manateeconfig/`. Note, you need re-install package to start the configuration file take effect the next time, Video (Select 720p HD) at : Screenshots at : Manual at : IRC channel: 6667 ##manatee Mailing-List: Version 0.1.1
package ureader
`ureader` is minimalistic command line RSS reader with unicode and color support. Everything it does is fetch RSS documents, merge them according to specified options, format and flush resulting feed to stdout. So `ureader` could be used with pagers like more(1) or in linux terminal. Release Notes: * Initial version. * Use OPML for subscription list. Version