Posix +System

module System.FilePath.Posix
filepath System.FilePath.Posix
A library for FilePath manipulations, using Posix style paths on all platforms. Importing System.FilePath is usually better.
module System.Posix
unix System.Posix
POSIX support
PosixVersion :: SysVar
unix System.Posix.Unistd
package posix-acl
Support for POSIX.1e Access Control Lists (ACL), defined in section 23 of the draft standard IEEE Std 1003.1e. Version
package posix-escape
This library provides functions to wrap a String so it can be used within a Unix shell command line, and end up as a single argument to the program invoked. The module System.Posix.Escape is the safer option. The module System.Posix.Escape.Unicode has extra caveats which are documented with that module. There is a similar function within the process package as System.Process.Internals.translate. Version 0.1
package posix-filelock
System.Posix.IO has very low-level bindings to POSIX fcntl advisory locks.  This module wraps them in a cleaner API. Version 0.1
package posix-paths
This package gives access to certain POSIX-based Filepath/Directory services. The package is not supported under Windows (except under Cygwin). Version
package posix-pty
This package simplifies the creation of subprocesses that interact with their parent via a pseudo terminal (see man pty). Version 0.1.0
package posix-realtime
This package gives you access to the set of operating system services standardised by POSIX 1003.1b (or the IEEE Portable Operating System Interface for Computing Environments - IEEE Std. 1003.1). The package is not supported under Windows (except under Cygwin). Version
package posix-timer
This package provides bindings to POSIX clock and timer functions. Version 0.3
package posix-waitpid
A low-level wrapping of POSIX waitpid(2). Version 0.1
package bindings-posix
Low level bindings to Posix standard library, part of the bindings-* project. See: http://bitbucket.org/mauricio/bindings-dsl Version 1.2.6
package regex-posix
The posix regex backend for regex-base Version 0.95.2
package regex-posix-unittest
Most platforms have a buggy system regex library and this probes the bugs by using the regex-posix package, run with "regex-posix-unittest" Version 1.1
package system-posix-redirect
Due to the design of POSIX, it is possible to temporarily overload the file descriptors corresponding to stdout and stderr to point to an arbitrary pipe. It is, however, tricky to get right. This module gets it right, as far as such a terrible hack can be made right. It can be used to make misbehaving third-party C libraries stop spewing to standard output. Warning: the module author has concluded that due to lack of portability, this module should not be used in any serious sytem. But, for those who like living dangerously... Version
package uni-posixutil
posix utilities Version