TMVar +base

putMVar :: MVar a -> a -> IO ()
base Control.Concurrent.MVar
Put a value into an MVar. If the MVar is currently full, putMVar will wait until it becomes empty. There are two further important properties of putMVar: * putMVar is single-wakeup. That is, if there are multiple threads blocked in putMVar, and the MVar becomes empty, only one thread will be woken up. The runtime guarantees that the woken thread completes its putMVar operation. * When multiple threads are blocked on an MVar, they are woken up in FIFO order. This is useful for providing fairness properties of abstractions built using MVars.
tryPutMVar :: MVar a -> a -> IO Bool
base Control.Concurrent.MVar
A non-blocking version of putMVar. The tryPutMVar function attempts to put the value a into the MVar, returning True if it was successful, or False otherwise.