Text -base

module Data.Generics.Text
syb Data.Generics.Text
"Scrap your boilerplate" --- Generic programming in Haskell See http://www.cs.uu.nl/wiki/GenericProgramming/SYB. The present module provides generic operations for text serialisation of terms.
module Data.Text
text Data.Text
A time and space-efficient implementation of Unicode text. Suitable for performance critical use, both in terms of large data quantities and high speed. Note: Read below the synopsis for important notes on the use of this module. This module is intended to be imported qualified, to avoid name clashes with Prelude functions, e.g. > import qualified Data.Text as T To use an extended and very rich family of functions for working with Unicode text (including normalization, regular expressions, non-standard encodings, text breaking, and locales), see the text-icu package: http://hackage.haskell.org/package/text-icu
module Generics.SYB.Text
syb Generics.SYB.Text
Convenience alias for Data.Generics.Text.
module Test.HUnit.Text
HUnit Test.HUnit.Text
Text-based test controller for running HUnit tests and reporting results as text, usually to a terminal.
module Test.QuickCheck.Text
QuickCheck Test.QuickCheck.Text
Text :: Cursor
GLUT Graphics.UI.GLUT.Window
Insertion point cursor for text.
data Text
text Data.Text.Lazy.Internal, text Data.Text.Lazy
data Text
text Data.Text.Internal, text Data.Text
A space efficient, packed, unboxed Unicode text type.
module Text.Parsec.Text
parsec Text.Parsec.Text
Make Text an instance of Stream with Char token type.
module Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.GL.Texturing
OpenGL Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.GL.Texturing
This module corresponds to section 3.8 (Texturing) of the OpenGL 2.1 specs.
data TextDetails
pretty Text.PrettyPrint.HughesPJ, pretty Text.PrettyPrint
The TextDetails data type A TextDetails represents a fragment of text that will be output at some point.
Texture :: MatrixMode
OpenGL Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.GL.CoordTrans
The texture matrix stack.
Texture1D :: TextureTarget1D
OpenGL Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.GL.Texturing.Specification
Texture1DArray :: TextureTarget2D
OpenGL Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.GL.Texturing.Specification
Texture1DColorTable :: ColorTable
OpenGL Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.GL.PixelRectangles.ColorTable
Texture2D :: TextureTarget2D
OpenGL Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.GL.Texturing.Specification
Texture2DArray :: TextureTarget3D
OpenGL Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.GL.Texturing.Specification
Texture2DColorTable :: ColorTable
OpenGL Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.GL.PixelRectangles.ColorTable
Texture2DMultisample :: TextureTarget2DMultisample
OpenGL Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.GL.Texturing.Specification
Texture2DMultisampleArray :: TextureTarget2DMultisampleArray
OpenGL Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.GL.Texturing.Specification

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