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module Data.Generics.Text
syb Data.Generics.Text
"Scrap your boilerplate" --- Generic programming in Haskell See http://www.cs.uu.nl/wiki/GenericProgramming/SYB. The present module provides generic operations for text serialisation of terms.
module Generics.SYB.Text
syb Generics.SYB.Text
Convenience alias for Data.Generics.Text.
module Test.HUnit.Text
HUnit Test.HUnit.Text
Text-based test controller for running HUnit tests and reporting results as text, usually to a terminal.
module Test.QuickCheck.Text
QuickCheck Test.QuickCheck.Text
Text :: Cursor
GLUT Graphics.UI.GLUT.Window
Insertion point cursor for text.
module Text.Parsec.Text
parsec Text.Parsec.Text
Make Text an instance of Stream with Char token type.
data TextEncoding
base System.IO, base GHC.IO.Encoding.Types, base GHC.IO.Encoding
A TextEncoding is a specification of a conversion scheme between sequences of bytes and sequences of Unicode characters. For example, UTF-8 is an encoding of Unicode characters into a sequence of bytes. The TextEncoding for UTF-8 is utf8.
type TextDecoder state = BufferCodec Word8 CharBufElem state
base GHC.IO.Encoding.Types, base GHC.IO.Encoding
data TextDetails
pretty Text.PrettyPrint.HughesPJ, pretty Text.PrettyPrint
The TextDetails data type A TextDetails represents a fragment of text that will be output at some point.
type TextEncoder state = BufferCodec CharBufElem Word8 state
base GHC.IO.Encoding.Types, base GHC.IO.Encoding
TextEncoding :: String -> IO (TextDecoder dstate) -> IO (TextEncoder estate) -> TextEncoding
base GHC.IO.Encoding.Types, base GHC.IO.Encoding
text :: String -> Doc
template-haskell Language.Haskell.TH.PprLib
text :: String -> Doc
pretty Text.PrettyPrint.HughesPJ, pretty Text.PrettyPrint
A document of height 1 containing a literal string. text satisfies the following laws: *  s <> text t = text > (s++ * text "" <> x = x, if x non-empty The side condition on the last law is necessary because text "" has height 1, while empty has no height.
text :: String -> HtmlAttr
html Text.Html, xhtml Text.XHtml.Transitional
package text
An efficient packed, immutable Unicode text type (both strict and lazy), with a powerful loop fusion optimization framework. The Text type represents Unicode character strings, in a time and space-efficient manner. This package provides text processing capabilities that are optimized for performance critical use, both in terms of large data quantities and high speed. The Text type provides character-encoding, type-safe case conversion via whole-string case conversion functions. It also provides a range of functions for converting Text values to and from ByteStrings, using several standard encodings. Efficient locale-sensitive support for text IO is also supported. These modules are intended to be imported qualified, to avoid name clashes with Prelude functions, e.g. > import qualified Data.Text as T To use an extended and very rich family of functions for working with Unicode text (including normalization, regular expressions, non-standard encodings, text breaking, and locales), see the text-icu package: http://hackage.haskell.org/package/text-icu Version
package text-binary
The library provides binary instances for strict and lazy text types. Version 0.1.0
package text-format
A text formatting library optimized for both ease of use and high performance. Version
package text-format-simple
Tiny library dedicated for text formating in C# style. Version 1.1.0
package text-icu
Haskell bindings to the International Components for Unicode (ICU) libraries.  These libraries provide robust and full-featured Unicode services on a wide variety of platforms. Features include: * Both pure and impure bindings, to allow for fine control over efficiency and ease of use. * Breaking of strings on character, word, sentence, and line boundaries. * Access to the Unicode Character Database (UCD) of character metadata. * String collation functions, for locales where the conventions for lexicographic ordering differ from the simple numeric ordering of character codes. * Character set conversion functions, allowing conversion between Unicode and over 220 character encodings. * Unicode normalization.  (When implementations keep strings in a normalized form, they can be assured that equivalent strings have a unique binary representation.) * Regular expression search and replace. Version
package text-json-qq
text-json-qq provides json quasiquatation for Haskell. This package expose the function jsonQQ that compile time converts json code into a Text.JSON.JSValue. jsonQQ got the signature > jsonQQ :: QuasiQuoter. Consult documentation in the module Text.JSON.QQ. Version 0.4.1

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