UTCTime :: Day -> DiffTime -> UTCTime
time Data.Time.Clock
data UTCTime
time Data.Time.Clock
This is the simplest representation of UTC. It consists of the day number, and a time offset from midnight. Note that if a day has a leap second added to it, it will have 86401 seconds.
utcTimeToPOSIXSeconds :: UTCTime -> POSIXTime
time Data.Time.Clock.POSIX
addUTCTime :: NominalDiffTime -> UTCTime -> UTCTime
time Data.Time.Clock
addUTCTime a b = a + b
diffUTCTime :: UTCTime -> UTCTime -> NominalDiffTime
time Data.Time.Clock
diffUTCTime a b = a - b
localToUTCTimeOfDay :: TimeZone -> TimeOfDay -> (Integer, TimeOfDay)
time Data.Time.LocalTime
Convert a ToD in some timezone to a ToD in UTC, together with a day adjustment.
posixSecondsToUTCTime :: POSIXTime -> UTCTime
time Data.Time.Clock.POSIX
taiToUTCTime :: LeapSecondTable -> AbsoluteTime -> UTCTime
time Data.Time.Clock.TAI
toUTCTime :: ClockTime -> CalendarTime
old-time System.Time
converts an internal clock time into a CalendarTime in standard UTC format.